2022 – Islamabad

Farmhouse 39-A

The grandeur engulfs your senses as you enter through the driveway. The woodwork catches your eye, stepping into the grand foyer. The geometrical pattern drawn in tiles makes you aware of your presence in the house. As your senses sit still, a feature marble panel guides your sight up to the top. Light filtering through the arched and rectangular pockets draws your attention to what sits behind the scene. Meanwhile, the high wall divides the house into formal and informal parts with added privacy.
The front end of the house constitutes space for the drawing room, dining room, and guest bedroom with an attached dressing and bath. The front corridor leads to a side corridor that walks you through the informal part of the house. Upon walking through the aisle, the light intriguing your interest originates from the skylight flooding a double-height sitting space. A Spanish balcony protruding in the space and window niches overlooks the sitting area and unites the linked programs. The skylit sitting room acts as a lightwell. It opens its bi-folding doors to the lounge and open kitchen.
A greasy kitchen runs at the back of the open kitchen with an attached laundry and pantry room. Views extending from the veranda to the lawn fill in the sight as you sit in the family dining and the sitting room next to the open kitchen. A gym with internal and external access comes to a shared lobby where the master bedroom meets the jacuzzi bath. The master bedroom has individual walk-in closets with colonial-style wardrobes naturally lit with green views.
The first floor has a scenic view of the world above and below. All the programs replicated on the floor above have private balconies and terraces extending to panoramic views. The landscape is planned with drainage, paved walkways, carefully picked vegetation types, and patterns that surprise you with different viewing angles and frames of the house and surroundings. The walk around the farmhouse feels like taking a stroll in a home away from home. The journey feels like a stimulating retreat aligning your past with your present, taking you away from the active neighborhood.