2022 – Islamabad

Farmhouse 210-C 

The house, in pure honesty, stands as a personalized chapter of the client’s desired lifestyle. Staged in level, the house tells a story of how its people allow themselves to reveal unto you. 

Once you enter the main lobby, natural light welcomes you with a warm embrace in a double-height entrance lobby. The drawing room and dining room up-front encourage your welcome. The main connector lobby leads you to the kitchen, linked to a greasy kitchen running at its optimum capacity on your left. The laundry and pantry adjoin the kitchen and the bedroom lobby with internal and external access for service purposes. Bridging the two sides via the connector lobby, you find a living room honed by the natural setting of a veranda that separates the view of the adjacent bedroom. Both bedrooms share a foyer and private views. 

The zoning of the floor plans has a connector lobby at the heart of the house with a staircase leading to the level above and below.

The service areas sit between the house’s resting, breathing, and social blocks.