2022 – Islamabad

Farmhouse 162-C

The house presents itself as an elegant guise of the neo-classical era with smooth and finely trimmed edges along its façade. It adds depth to the picturesque façade, while the shadow box trim adds finesse to the exterior. Minimalist corbels support the balcony resting above the picture-frame window with a keystone. Dentils envelop the crowning edges of the roof edge detailing. Quoin dressing the house like a dame paints a tasteful portrayal of the client’s rich taste.
Housing eight bedrooms over three floors, each plate functions independently, bounded by external circulation and connection. The basement, ground, and first floor, each holding a distinct feature, offer ample sunlight throughout the day. As you enter the main lobby, you may witness the formal guest area adjacent to the dining and kitchen area. The prayer room sits sacredly in the center quoting its religious purpose of being the core of a balanced life and spirituality. The lounge lies opposite in connection with the bedrooms. The functional need is addressed by the addition of one bedroom progressing from the ground floor to the second.