2022 – Islamabad

Farmhouse 162-A

The farmhouse imitates the art deco era in a balanced set of lines. Crowning the wall are the dentils adding volume to the mass. The facade embodies features that complement the colors and bare textures.
Zoned in three segments adjoined by a linear corridor lobby, the plan is set perfectly in terms of privacy, access, and service. There are two entrances to the farmhouse — one accessed from the private section of the living space, and the other is the main entrance intended for a formal setting. The ground floor greets you in a stretched entrance veranda. Upon entering the residence, a sophisticated guest area welcomes you. The lobby extends through and through to the other end of the house, where you enter the informal setting of the lounge, breakfast room, and bedroom lobby. In the central region sits the kitchen and related amenities with a dining room, next to which lies the guest bedroom opening into the entrance lobby.
The circulation and lobby go up to the first floor with four bedrooms with attached baths and private balconies. A formal and informal sitting room is at either end of the floor plate with a gallery and terrace.
The basement consisting of the servant room, three bedrooms, a lounge, a store, and a kitchen, is perfectly set in function. All bedrooms have an unhindered view of the green spaces outside. The main highlight of this design is the ease of access, privacy, and breathing spaces