2022 – Islamabad

Bin Rehman Corporate

Bin Rehman Corporate offers a practical solution in its setting for related corporate purposes. With open halls proposed for multi-functional spaces and offices, the project gives the client freedom of customization and ownership. The bridged atriums work as buffers allowing breathing gaps and a network between the set programs.

The building seems to float off the ground reversing the transparency. The structure appears to be lightweight because of the reverse massing. The concrete blocks in the façade imitate an artist’s display wall. The glass base presents the building block like a trophy for accomplishing its favored requirements. Concealed by a formal concrete dressing, the spaces peek out through the fragmented set of windows minimizing heating and cooling loss while controlling the light flow and intensity in the interior spaces. The terraced courtyard awakened by the light-well cast through the skylight birth a breathing space for the employees during their work routine.