2022 – Lahore

Bin Rehman Apartment Complex

Embedded as the stepping stones in the social and communal system, the residential sector aims to address the functional and psychological needs of its residents. The Bin Rehman Apartment Complex nails itself into the urban fabric at Kuri Road, Islamabad. Accommodating mid-level to upper-level strata of the system, the building steps up physically in its level of function, needs, and amenities. 

It has been placed in a functional arrangement with a comprehensive duct system for services. The complex stands as two; one part encompassing the two-bed luxury apartments, the other advancing in two stages with studio apartments, two-bed standard apartments, and penthouses.

UPDL deals in consulting, specialized services, planning, and urban design, including interior design with furnishings. The planning and urban design deal with the physical planning of urban, residential, and multi-use development projects.

Through our commitment to our clients and the market, we are now completely immersed in this evolving profession. The devoted team of UPDL intends to steer this firm to the greatest heights of excellence and innovation.

Dr. Sadaf Siddiq, Chairperson

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Bin Rehman Apartment Complex

Lahore, Pakistan

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