UPDL deals in consulting, specialized services, planning and urban design, including interior design with furnishings. The planning and urban design deals in physical planning of urban, residential and multi-use development projects.

We provide complete services including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical of the following entities:

Town Planning
Villas & Farmhouses
Commercial Buildings
Golf Clubs
Mosque & Religious Buildings
Build Renovations
Interior Work
Hotel & Resorts
Sport Centers
Lake View Development
Water Resources Management
Foot Paths Infrastructure
Drainage System
Water Tanks
Retaning Walls
Street Lights


Transformations occur at different points in a strategic trajectory. The expertise and tools need to coax sustainable change and impacts out of an unfolding process are diverse, but we make a point of providing them to our clients exactly when they needed. Consulting is a means to actionable ends, a faster route to a bright future. What we deliver is state of the art, honed by our experience.

Practice and Leadership

Cities are complex, dynamic places, shaped by many forces. To deal with this, we take cross-dispensary approaches that consider all dimensions re-development. From serving the people and sustaining the environment to spurge healthy economic growth and building the brand that cites need to be activated, destinations for business and living.



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