CEO Message

It is hard to believe the success and achievements of UPDL in just 10 years of its establishment. I remember that we started our company with a small establishment in 2008 with nothing but sheer ambition and determination. It is the tireless efforts of our dedicated and committed employees and management which have actually made UPDL a major national player in the town planning and engineering consultancy world today.

The fundamental philosophy of our establishment is purely based upon the spirited and well determined modern management ideas. The company has so far secured number of projects worth billions of rupees and is committed to explore new horizon of business in coming years. In advancing our business, the most important goal is to create high caliber leaders in each of our domains and attracting, developing, motivating and retaining our capable staff by following our organization’s values in true spirit.

I take pride in mentioning that we started our journey with specialization in urban planning and design but over the year UPDL has also carved its niche in the fields of structural engineering, water resources engineering, highway and transportation engineering, architecture and landscaping, public health engineering, GIS and construction management service. Introduction of green technology and low maintenance features in each project we undertake has been the hallmark of UPDL.

Presently we are engaged in projects in Pakistan but soon we intend to launch our business in the Middle East, North America and developing countries all over the world. Another important part our strategic plan is to develop a range of high level advisory services in major developmental sectors. In addition to our hundreds of full time staff, we have also organized a panel of highly competent and experienced professionals in various fields of activities to be engaged as and when required for providing advice and guidance to our technical teams. Our profitability is dependent on the quality of work and due diligence. A comprehensive Quality Management System is in place to ensure excellence in quality and professional output.

May the Almighty help us to keep on working professionally and take UPDL to a new level of success!

Company History

The story of UPDL Inc is told through our clients, our employees and the communities in which we work. Our history can be traced back to one modest yet inspired engineering office located in the Islamabad Since those early days, UPDL Inc has stayed true to what we have always believed in – that our clients and employees deserve our best – and this is still the foundation for our dynamic operations today. We believe our success is largely due to our unwavering commitment to provide our clients and employees with their own unique opportunities to thrive. We do this by ensuring that our clients’ expectations and needs are our priorities and we provide our employees with continual opportunities for development. We are confident about the future of UPDL Inc as we look toward new opportunities and continued growth in our many fields of service in Pakistan and globally.

About Us

The capability to impact the future of the built environment carries with a weighty responsibility. Many of UPDL’s projects leave a legacy for future generations. Putting sustainability at the heart of its work. This is one of the ways it exerts a positive planning, urban structure and services. UPDL provides independent ownership to our employees consider the needs and requirements of clients and commercial design and built requirements. UPDL is affecting many people practicality through its urban environment and infrastructure services. Effecting through its concept to provide better solutions for the 21st century.

The fundamental philosophy of our establishment is purely based upon spirits and well determined modern management ideas. The services that we provide range from planning of residential, commercial, industrial projects at the macro level to the detail designing of individual building & services at the micro scale. We positively provide a productive association to our clients in order to accomplish the assignment with maximum efficiency and economy.

The company mainly provides consultancy services in following sectors:-

  • Town Planning including Comprehensive Master Plans, Structure Plans, Land use Plans, Zoning, Action Area Plans, Urban Renewal Programs, Transportation Planning, and Housing Schemes etc.

  • Architecture & Landscape Design including designing of civil structures & buildings such as residential, office, industrial, educational, health buildings, high rise commercial buildings, plazas as well as Landscape designing in the form of parks, open spaces, tot lots, gardens, etc.

  • Infrastructure/Services Planning & Design such as roads including earth work, drainage system, bridges, walkways etc., water supply system including Tube wells, Reservoirs, under ground and overhead storage, filtration plants, distribution network etc., sewerage system including sewer pipes, manholes, sewerage treatment plants etc.

  • Environmental Planning & Design Services like Environmental Assessments & Feasibility Studies, Environmental Conservation Plans, Environmental monitoring programs, etc.

  • Construction Management & Supervision like Project Management Planning, Resident Supervision, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration and Safety Management, Project Planning & Implementation including Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring, Appraisal & Evaluation etc.

Our Approach

At UPDL, projects are executed with passion. We approach each project by listening to clients’ expectations, recognizing the markets, understanding the user and collaborating for results, all of which lead to creating a strong sense of place. UPDL, views each project as an opportunity to improve, complement and, in some cases, complete the fabric of the surrounding environment.